"I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of
Dan 10:21
King James Bible - The Indestructible Book part 1
by: Ken Connolly
King James Bible - The Indestructible Book part 2
by: Ken Connolly
Lamp In The Dark - Untold Story Of The Bible
by: Adullam Films Production
Gutenberg Press
by: Wallis 2010
Battle For The Bible- The English Bible Wycliffe, Tyndale, Cranmer
by: KTCS9
Come Before Winter
by: Dr. Jerry vines
The Remnant
by: Dr. Tom Malone Sr.
The Siege of Jerusalem
by: TitusLabienus
Ben Hur
by: Kinematographe
Hudson Taylor
by: Christian Cinema
The History of King James the Man
by: Dean Burgon Society
Lies in the Textbooks
by: Dr. Kent Hovind
Frank Logsdon From the NASV to KJV
by: Berean Beacon
Did Jesus Lie?
by: Dr. David Daniels
Present Time Christian Martyrs
of the
Present Day