"I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of
Dan 10:21
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by: David Hocking
    Introduction — Part One
    Introduction — Part Two
    Scripture Cannot Be Broken
    Dead Sea Scrolls & Aramaic
    The Greek Translations
    New Testament Manuscripts
    New Testament Languages
    and the Apocrypha
    The Apocrypha and the
    Catholic Church
    The Apocrypha and the
    Inspiration — Part One
    Inspiration — Part Two
    Difficulties of Inspiration —
    Part One
    Difficulties of Inspiration —
    Part Two
    Review and Issues of
    The Inerrancy of the Bible
    Manuscript Evidence
    Greek Translations
    English Versions
    Interpretation of the Bible —
    Part One
    Interpretation of the Bible —
    Part Two
    Interpretation of the Bible —
    Part Three
    Symbolic Language
    Course Review
History & Authenticity of the Bible is our reconmended first
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Certificate in History and Authenticity of the Bible
Program Description:

Course Instructor: Dr. David Hocking
This course was taught during twenty-five classroom sessions with the
purpose of instructing Bible college students in topics such as the
inspiration, the inerrancy, and the authority of God's Word. The
instructor examines how the Bible was written over centuries of time
and how it has been preserved by the Author Himself. He explains the
process of translations from the original languages; the importance of
canonicity; the issues of textual criticism; and the principles of
interpretation. This informative series will elicit bold confidence in the
infallible Word of God.

Dr. Hocking attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, South
Carolina, where he graduated with a B.A. in Bible, Greek, and Ancient
History. After college David attended Grace Theological Seminary in
Winona Lake, Indiana, where he received his M.Div. degree in Biblical
Studies. David also continued graduate studies and received a
Doctor of Ministry degree as well as a Ph.D. degree in Biblical
Studies and languages.
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