"I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of
Dan 10:21
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Welcome to Holy Bible Institute! Please note, that this site is not a brick and mortar school of
Christian learning but it is a site for Christian learning. This site is full of all types of helps that
will channel and support you in learning just about anything that is linked to the Bible. This site is
constantly developing and trying to discover new methods and means to include so that you can
comprise all the tools that you necessitate in one location to better assist you as you study the
Bible and associated topics. The sources on this site are not intended for divisive use in any way
but only for edifying and building up.  Anytime a person presents his biblical views and opinions
there are going to be disagreements. Some of the writers of the material that we have listed and use
on this site are out spoken and blunt; please do not take anything from this site in an offensive
manner but simply use what you can to help you with all of your studies.  Thank you and may
God bless you as you study His eternal Word!